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Reflective Music Teaching: Ideas for Early-Career Music Teachers

Low Down Publishing

Erik Piazza, John Mills, Danny Ziemann

Piazza, E. S., Mills, J. E., Ziemann, D. (2021). Reflective music teaching: Ideas for early-career music teachers. Low Down Publishing.

The start of a music teacher’s career is perhaps the most exciting time of their professional life. It is important for teachers to uncover their students’ musical interests and goals, share their passion for music, and be mindful when defining “excellence.” To do so requires careful consideration of underlying assumptions within our profession and critical self-reflection. Reflective Music Teaching is packed with useful strategies, ideas, and questions to help early-career teachers navigate the transition from college to the classroom. This book provides a research-based, practical approach to reimagine “the way it’s always been done.” Whether you teach in a public school, private studio, or college, this book will help you design relevant, meaningful lessons to maximize student success.

Creative Musical Activities in Undergraduate Music Education Curricula

Journal of Music Teacher Education

Erik S. Piazza, Brent C. Talbot

Piazza, E. S., Talbot, B. C. (2020). Creative musical activities in undergraduate music education curricula. Journal of Music Teacher Education

ABSTRACT: Music education majors report low exposure to creative musical activities (CMAs) despite increased discourse surrounding the inclusion of CMAs in standards, curricula, publications, and practice. The purpose of this study was to compare preservice music teachers’ (PMT) and music teacher educators’ (MTE) experiences with CMAs. We used an anonymous survey instrument to explore definitions, perceived importance and preparedness, and the incorporation of CMAs within undergraduate music education curricula. MTEs and PMTs valued the inclusion of CMAs in preK–12 curricula, PMTs felt most prepared to teach arranging and least prepared to teach composing with their future preK–12 students, and PMTs valued and desired more opportunities to practice CMAs in undergraduate curricula. MTEs should consider integrating these activities as regular components in undergraduate music curricula.

Engaging in Research as a Practicing Music Teacher

School Music News, May/June 2019

Mara E. Culp, Erik S. Piazza, Meg Messina, Brittany E. O'Reilly

Culp, M. E., Piazza, E. S., Messina, M., & O'Reilly, B. E. (2019). Engaging in research as a practicing music teacher. School Music NEWS: The Official Publication of the New York State School Music Association, 82(7), 27–30.

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